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Pink Sugar

Mom, Chrisoak, Shih Tzu, 10.4 pounds



Peewee DOB 3/10/23
10.4 pounds

Pink Sugar

Female Havashu B DOB 4/8/24

Not for sale


Baby Howell

Pictured at 5 days old, today is 4/13/24

Pictured at 1.5 weeks old, today is 4/20/24

Sorry they are blurry :( she had no intension of being still today lol

Pictured at 2 weeks old, today is 4/22/24

Litter video

Pictured at 3.3 weeks old, today is 5/2/24

Pictured at 5 weeks old, today is 5/11/24

Pictured at 6 weeks old, 1.4 pounds, current adult estimate is 4.7 pounds, today is 5/20/24

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