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Pink Sugar

Health Guarantee


Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is a health problem that affects some small breed puppies, or toy puppies between the ages of 5 to 25 weeks. Pomeranians, Yorkies, Maltese and Chihuahuas are seemingly more vulnerable to this condition. Hypoglycemia is recognizable by a healthy puppy suddenly becoming weak listless, unaware of its surrounding, even unable to walk or stand. Advanced stages include seizures before lapsing into a coma, which is followed by death. Steps should be taken to immediately give the puppy glucose or sugar. Karo syrup is an excellent, easy source to have on hand. Mixed with warm water and administered by eye dropper, it can save the puppys life until veterinary help can be found.

A veterinarian may administer glucose injections to the pup until the blood sugar is stable. The puppy should be carefully watched from that point on. No one knows why small puppies actually are more susceptible to this condition. Some think it is due to nutrition, and advocate a natural, well balanced diet which is believed to keep the electrolyte level stable throughout the puppy's fast growing period and extremely active stage of life. Some suggest the precaution of giving their puppies a daily sugar supplement. Whatever is done to handle the problem if it arises, you have the responsibility of keeping this up until the puppies stabilizes itself. All we can do is to precaution you of this illness when you buy a small puppy, because if left unattended for more than 2 to 3 hours without food and proper care, it could go into this, as we call it "sugar shock".

Please, before you buy a small puppy, be very aware of this and other conditions that go with them, and be prepared to accept responsibility for it. We cannot guarantee this health condition, and it can be very heart breaking if this happens to you. So, if you want a small puppy, care for it as if it were an infant coming home from the hospital, and be willing to take the risk. Tiny puppies are adorable and fragile. Not being rude but I have spent many hours getting the puppy to where it is, upon purchase it is your responsibility from that point to monitor it's health. I will not be responsible if you lose the puppy to "sugar shock" as it is avoidable, just make sure they eat, and pay attention to how they feel.

Health Guarantee

Also I can not guarantee size, color or to be of show or breeding quality or ability. I do my best to have the pups clear of external and internal parasites but please have your pup checked by a vet to insure none were missed. I will in no way be responsible for your vet bill. If it doesn't work out I will take your puppy back but no refunds given.

You have 2 vet business days to have your puppy checked out. If the vet finds anything wrong you don't want to deal with return the puppy and the vets statement for a refund or replacement.

After the 2 days, until the puppys 6 month birthday, it is covered against genetic defects that would be life threatening. At that time I will replace your puppy upon a vets recommendation.

Your 2 day guarantee expires_____________________________if you chose to not take your puppy for it's health check in the allotted time all guarantees are null and void!

I have read and fully understand all the information______________________________




Important Tips........Please read

Keep your puppy away from other dogs until he or she has had all puppy shots

It is current on shots when leaving my care, you must finish the puppy shots

Shots are given at 3 week intervals, 6,9,12,15 & some vets also do 1 at 18 weeks

Alabama state law is Rabies at 3 months

Need to vaccinated yearly.....Booster and Rabies

Feeding......I use (to be filled in at time of purchase)(currently value pak 30/20) food. It is kept in front of them dry 24 hours a day.

Young pups go home with feedings of the hard food softened with cold water (sometimes with a tablespoon of canned food mixed in) 3 times a day.

DO NOT FEED TABLE SCRAPS! It upsets their stomach and can cause diarrhea

Diarrhea can also be caused by going to a new home and the stress of a new environment. The puppy will miss its litter mates. If it persists more than 24 hours take it to the vet as could be a sign of Coccidia common in puppies under stress.(Such as going to a new home)

Keep hair of long coat pups clipped at the rear so puppy does not get stool stuck in its hair

Many puppies lose that puppy coat at age 3 to 5 months and put back on their adult coat at about 9 months of age (called blowing the baby coat) This is normal.

Shampoo.....any gentle dog/puppy shampoo. Not more often than every 2 weeks!

No chocolate or onion as they are toxic to dogs!

Don't forget the puppy is confined here, increase exercise gradually!! They are infants and need their rest.

Feel free to call me with any questions that may arise. (256)747-6201

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