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I'm going to be adding several adults to this page over the next week or two, some will be older breeders that need to retire, some have never had puppies, and some possibly pregnant now :)

Pink Sugar

Peggy Sue DOB 12/18/16
7.6 pounds

$50  sale price $25

Peggy Sue is retiring, she doesn't need to have anymore puppies. She is sweet and friendly. Has lived in my kennel all her life, so not house broken.

She will need, her teeth cleaned, spayed, mammary tumor removed. To the best of my knowledge she is healthy. She is current on shots and deworming and is on heart worm preventative. 

Biewer Terrier(Parti yorkie)

Winnie DOB 8/13/19
8.4 pounds

Winnie (1).jpg
Winnie (2).jpg
Winnie (3).jpg
Winnie (4).jpg

$1000 breeding now price firm

Winnie, very sweet and friendly. She has never had puppies. Was not born here so have no idea if she was ever housebroken, she has lived in my kennel since coming here. She may need a teeth cleaning and spayed. She is perfectly healthy to the best of my knowledge just doesn't want anything to do with a male..ever lol  Current on shots and deworming, on heartworm preventative.

Australian Shepherds(Toy)

Rowdy DOB 6/19/15
13 pounds

Rowdy (6).jpg
Rowdy (3).jpg

$50 pet home sale price $25

$300 with papers CKC/ASDR Sale price $150

Rowdy has been with us for several years now, he is not neutered and is not housebroken. What he is, one of the prettiest sweetest great personality, never meets a stranger. He is smart enough to learn what ever you will take the time to teach him, and of course he is still a great stud makes gorgeous puppies.

Pink Sugar

Marbles DOB 2/22/19
20 pounds
Black and Tan

$100 for the pair Sale price $25 for the pair pet home

$300 pair for male with CKC papers

Marbles(female, black and tan) has been spayed.

Rubble(male, chocolaty black) not neutered

They came here together and are very bonded would love to see them stay together but will separate, price is same either way.

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