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Lisa's pets
Toy Breed puppies Cullman

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The Lisa's Pets

About Lisa's Pets

An Honest Pet Breeder

Hi, I have been raising puppies since 1991. Melissa has been helping me since 4/2015. We live in Cullman, Alabama easily found from I-65. All puppies are raised in my home with lots of TLC, dewclaws are removed and any appropriate dockings and croppings. Puppies are kept in a clean environment, wormed and shots kept current. Most all will come with CKC papers. Health is guaranteed in writing. Add us to your favorites or put a shortcut on your desktop. You may find a puppy to love next time if you haven't found one this time :) We also raise pygmy goats and have an occasional horse for sale too.  Hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon

Only cash and cards accepted
Add 5% to puppy when paying
with a card.

Prices can change at anytime, this is today's price.

Once you pay a deposit the price


I don't give the puppies names or that means they are staying here :) Please refer to them by their mother's name and puppy letter.

Breeds I raise:

Aussiedoodles, Dachshunds, Havanese, Havapoos, Havatese, Maltese, Maltipoo, Papillons, Poodles, Pugs, Maltipap, Morkies, Ewokians, yorkshire Terriers,

Shih Tzu, Shihpom, Maltezu

Date of last update:
Removed sold puppy
Working on pictures of Ting Tang's Pugs and Boppity's Maltese

Falling prices :0)
Look for orange sale price

Excited about cooler weather, let's have a sale!!!!!


 Prices are pink for girls, blue for boys
orange when on sale

If you have been here before don't forget to refresh your browser to get the most recent updates!

Pug females on sale now!

Puppy playtime today 9/2/23

Tell me how you found us for an additional $50 off!!


CKC Pugs (Walla Walla's) DOB 6/26/23
(2 females $1500,
sale $700 puppy A(small hernia pet only)
puppy C $900
) see above to get $50 off sale price!

CKC Toy Aussiedoodle (Carissa's) DOB 6/28/23
Toy Australian Shepherd and Poodle
(male $800 SALE $600)

CKC Shih Tzu (Willow's) DOB 7/2/23
(female A $1200 PET ONLY, $800, female B $1500

CKC Havapoo (Jaycee's) DOB 7/18/23
1 female $1000)(1 male $800)

CKC Poodles (Paris's) DOB 7/20/23
1 male $1000)

CKC Dachshund (Marble's) DOB 7/29/23
1 male $800)



CKC Ewokians (Caycee's)DOB 9/2/23

Pomeranian and Havanese 

Female A & B $1000, female C $1500

Male $1000

CKC Shih Tzu (Maple's) DOB 9/6/23

(male A & B $800)(male C $1000)

CKC Toy Aussiedoodle (England's) DOB 9/11/23

(female A $1200)(female B $1500)(female C $1750)

(male A $1000)(male B $1200)

CKC Pugs (Ting Tang's) DOB 9/12/23

(female A & B $1200)(male A, B & C $900)

CKC Maltese (Boppity's)DOB 9/16/23

(4 females $2000)


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