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Pink Sugar

Baby Girl DOB 12/8/22
6.1 pounds

Baby Girl (1).jpg
Baby Girl (2).jpg
Hide and Seek

Harley DOB 1/5/19
7.8 pounds

Harley (1).jpg
Harley (2).jpg

CKC Maltapoo DOB 6/11/24


Baby Birmingham

Female A
Baby Birmingham

Pictured at 3 days old, today is 6/14/24

Pictured at 2.5 weeks old, today is 6/30/24

Pictured at 3.4 weeks old, today is 7/6/24

Pictured at 4.3 weeks old, today is 7/12/24

Pictured at 5.5 weeks old, 1.4 pounds, current charting adult weight is 5 pounds, today is 7/21/24

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